The Civil Guard transfers basic necessities to the inhabitants of the islet of Lobos (Las Palmas)

The components of the Maritime Detachment were interested in the status of the six people residing on the islet because with the application of the new regulations, it is not possible to access or leave the islet with pleasure boats and regular maritime lines do not operate.

Every week it is planned to move the necessary food supplies provided mostly by family members living in the town of Corralejo

The Fuerteventura Maritime Detachment has provided basic food to the inhabitants who live on the islet of wolves, which is located northeast of the island of Fuerteventura, in the Bocaina Strait.

The Order TMA / 246/2020, of March 17, which establishes the transport measures to be applied to the connections between the peninsula and the Autonomous Community of the Canary Islands, specifies that as of March 19, 2020, the entry into all ports of the Canary Islands of all vessels and recreational vessels used for recreational or sporting purposes or in nautical leasing. Aware of the impossibility of acquiring the necessary food from the inhabitants of the islet of Lobos, since they could not travel by sea to the nearest supermarket located in the municipality of Corralejo, the components of the Maritime Service of the Civil Guard, were interested in the state of the people who live there.
The Civil Guard made an offer to transfer the purchases of necessary supplies to the officers at the docking station of the Civil Guard boats on the Provincial Maritime Service vessel. This past week, the first transfer of food was made on the S-36 boat, which landed in Lobos where the residents of the islet were waiting for it, and in the following weeks the necessary support will continue to be provided to these people.
For more details you can contact the Press Office of the Commandery of the Civil Guard of Las Palmas, contact telephone number 928320400, extension 206.


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