The Commanders of Algeciras and Cádiz receive the silver medal of the National Drug Plan

The General Secretariat of Penitentiary Institutions has been recognized with the gold medal

The National Drug Plan has been underway for more than 34 years and its Order of Merit recognizes exceptional services in the fight against drug addiction

The Commanders of the Civil Guard of Algeciras and Cádiz have received this Wednesday the silver medal of the National Drug Plan. The Provincial Police of the National Police of Cádiz has also been recognized with this award. The gold medal has fallen on the General Secretariat of Penitentiary Institutions.

The delivery of these decorations of the Order of Merit of the National Drug Plan has taken place at the headquarters of the Ministry of Health, Consumption and Social Welfare. The National Drug Plan has been in operation for 34 years and its Order of Merit recognizes the exceptional services developed in this area.

The medals that have been awarded in this act recognize the work against drug trafficking of different associations, institutions and the State Security Forces and Bodies. Specifically, the Commanders of the Civil Guard of Algeciras and Cádiz, the Provincial Prosecutor's Office of Cádiz, the Provincial Commissariat of the National Police Corps of Cádiz, the Commonwealth of Municipalities of Campo de Gibraltar and the Coordinator have been awarded the silver medal Regional associations against "Alternative" Drug Dependencies.
"It is an area especially affected by drug trafficking and drug use, where social intervention is essential to assist a population that experiences the phenomenon of drugs in many areas of their daily lives," said the Minister of Health, Consumption and Social Welfare in operation, María Luisa Carcedo.
Acting Interior Minister Fernando Grande-Marlaska has presented the gold medal to the Secretary General of Penitentiary Institutions, Angel Luis Ortiz, and congratulated the institution and its workers.
The acting Interior Minister stressed that "the gold and silver medals received today are a great joy because they combine the double objective that this Ministry has in this area: combat and prosecute drug trafficking but also – and this may be a less known aspect – to offer people who suffer its effects and have therefore reached the crime, adequate treatment to overcome their addictions and thus avoid their criminal recidivism. "
Carcedo for his part stressed that "the medals awarded recognize the special dedication, permanent delivery and exemplary trajectory in the development and development of programs of prevention, assistance and socio-labor reintegration in addictions assuming the reduction of the offer and even endangering , sometimes, his own life. " "The fight against addictions is complex and poses challenges that require allies such as the winners today," said the Minister of Health, Consumer Affairs and Social Welfare in office.
In the act held on Wednesday, Andrés González Canelo, a retired career officer who worked tirelessly for almost 14 years as general deputy director of Management of the National Drug Plan with absolute professionalism and dedication, has also been awarded the silver medal.
Likewise, seven people and two entities have been distinguished with the White Cross for their work and dedication. Specifically, it has been received by the National Institute of Toxicology and Forensic Sciences, the Central Laboratory of Customs and Special Taxes and the lieutenant of the Civil Guard assigned to the Intelligence Center against Terrorism and Organized Crime Andrés Giralt Escobar.
It has also been given to Dr. Gabriel Rubio Valladolid for his contributions in the fields of research, assistance and social reintegration of people with addiction problems; to Father Agustín Rodríguez Teso, who since 2007 has done a commendable job managing the Food Bank, the organization of the dining room and the shower service for active drug addicts in sector 6 of the Cañada Real Galiana and to the State attorney María del Bueyo Díez Jalón, for the legal collaboration that during the last seven years he has lent to the Government Delegation for the National Drug Plan.
And finally, the work of Josefa Miguel Serrano, a retired official who has unfortunately not been able to attend, and María Victoria Mancebo Prieto, an active officer of the Government Delegation for the National Drug Plan, has been recognized.


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