The Confederal Left has presented a Motion in the Senate in which he urges to lower the VAT on musical instruments, and has rejected the amendment of this formation so that it was lowered from 21% to 10% in the purchase of musical instruments whose use is used for the performance of school activities.

The senator has been astonished with this initiative, as it is "a non-essential good, and refuses to lower it to the masks, which in addition to being mandatory, are much more essential for citizens." And he has asked the Confederal Left if it considers that this motion "serves a purpose."

«Is it effective with the scenario we are facing? What do you think worries the population the most, the VAT on masks or the reduction of VAT on musical instruments? ”González-Robatto asked.

Thus, he has asked the Confederal Left to focus on lowering taxes on those most affected: hoteliers, the poorest drivers. Because, he recalled, it is the lower incomes that will be most affected by the increase in VAT on soft drinks, and the Tax on Hydrocarbons to bring the taxation of diesel closer to gasoline.

Specifically, the general state rate for diesel will be 34.5 cents per liter, compared to the current 30.7. Thus, the bonus is reduced to 38 euros for every thousand liters. And they have the courage to say that it is an environmental measure without tax collection efforts ", has criticized.

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