The Andalusian Business Confederation, CEA, calls for the recovery of political stability to prevent the labor market from slowing down and to facilitate the deepening of employment policies and the improvement of the objective conditions of business activity.

These policies, which are already taking place in Andalusia within a framework of stability, contribute to maintaining good data on the fall of unemployment and Social Security affiliation. However, since the Confederation it is observed that the labor market has been showing symptoms of exhaustion to generate employment, being The reduction in indefinite hiring is especially relevant.

Among the factors that they influence it's found the increase in labor and salary costs without social dialogue and uncertainty before the definitive measures that the new Executive will take with respect to the labor market and a possible reform that hinders the competitive capacity of the companies.

The unemployment in June

In numbers, June closed in Andalusia with 757,899 unemployed, 3,214 less than in May and 31,928 fewer unemployed than in June 2018. In relative terms, 0.42% and 4.04%, respectively. Regarding Social Security, there are 3,152,391 affiliates in total. 33,321 more affiliates than in May and 88,681 more affiliates than in June 2018.

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