In the month of March, José Antonio Sarría will turn ten years at the head of the CEN, having expressed, on numerous occasions, his desire not to remain more than two terms as president, as he has stated in the Executive Committee held on the day from today.

However, due to the concentration of electoral processes both in the Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations (CEOE) at the end of 2018 and the holding of municipal, regional, national and European elections in 2019, the president of CEN decided to postpone the relief process internal.

In the current context, with the presidency consolidated in CEOE and with the institutional stability achieved after the different electoral processes, and at the gates of serving a decade as president of the CEN, José Antonio Sarría, he has requested the Executive Committee to convene a meeting Electoral Directive to choose a new person in charge of the maximum representation of businessmen in Navarra.

It opens like this, as indicated by the statutes of the CEN, a period of 15 days to present candidates for the presidency of the entity. These applications must be endorsed by any of the member organizations of the Confederation. After the deadline, the Executive Committee of CEN will proclaim candidates for the position to those who meet the requirements established in the statutes.

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