The contributory pension payroll for June stands at 9,862.35 million euros

On the other hand, 9,754,740 contributory pensions are paid on this payroll, 603 more benefits than in May. This represents the first rise after three consecutive months with a reduction in the number of pensions paid.

More than two thirds of the payroll go to the payment of retirement pensions, the amount of which amounts to 7,057.66 million euros. This amount grew 2.84% in the last twelve months.

1,702.31 million euros are allocated to widow's pensions, 1.25% more than a year ago. The list of permanent disability benefits amounts to 937,750 million, which represents an imperceptible variation in the year. The amount of orphan benefits is 139.29 million (1.1%), and that of benefits in favor of family members, 25.33 million euros, 3.25% more.

On the other hand, this month, in addition to the ordinary payroll of pensions, the extraordinary payment is paid to the pensioners of the System, which involves an outlay of 9,586.31 million euros.

Average pension

The average pension of the System, which includes the different classes (retirement, permanent disability, widowhood, orphanhood and in favor of family members), reached 1,011.03 euros per month in June, representing an interannual increase of 2.03%. The average retirement pension amounts to 1,161.88 euros, 2.1% more than last year. For its part, the average widow's pension is 725.61 euros per month.

As for new pension additions, their amount is greater than the System average and 10.63% higher than the amount of new pensions in 2019. In May, the last available date, the pensions corresponding to the new retirement additions were 1,433.92 euros per month. Those of the General Regime reached 1,561.11 euros / month.

Table: Evolution of the number of contributory pensions

23.4% decrease in the number of registrations

According to data from the National Social Security Institute, the number of registered pension registrations throughout the month of May (40,569 pensions) this year decreased by 23.4% compared to the same month of 2019, a less pronounced decrease 32.2% in April compared to April of the previous year. There were fewer discharges in all benefit classes except widowhood, which increased 10% compared to a year ago.

If the annual accumulated is considered, from January to May 2020, 198,465 new pensions have been registered, which represents a decrease of 22.4% compared to the same period last year. On the other hand, since January they have caused 245,694 pensions to drop, 16.2% more than the previous year.

These data reflect the effect of the pandemic on pension movements. In part, they are a consequence of the closure of offices, which stopped providing face-to-face attention, and the situation of confinement, which caused many citizens to postpone their efforts with Social Security. However, it is also necessary to take into account how the COVID-19 pandemic has influenced in terms of mortality on the population as a whole and, to a greater extent, on the group of older people.

It must be remembered that from June 25, citizens can return to the Social Security Information and Care Centers to make their arrangements, always by appointment to ensure compliance with the recommendations of the health authorities regarding hygiene and social distancing.

With this same objective, telematic channels have been reinforced so that most of the procedures are carried out by this means.

Passive Classes

On the other hand, the number of pensions belonging to passive classes in force in the month of May 2020 was 634,475. The monthly payroll of these pensions amounted to 1,148.88 million euros.

It should be noted that the State's Passive Classes Regime basically includes military personnel and officials of the General State Administration, the Administration of Justice, the General Courts and other constitutional or state organs, as well as the officials transferred to the autonomous communities.

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