The monthly payroll of Social Security contributory pensions amounted to 9,877.77 million euros as of March 1, which represented an increase of 3.15% compared to the same month last year.

Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migrations

More than two thirds of the payroll went to the payment of retirement pensions, the amount of which amounted to 7,060.5 million euros. This amount grew 3.59% in the last twelve months.

1,706.55 million euros were allocated to widow's pensions, 2.04% more than a year ago. The growth in the payroll of permanent disability benefits was the same, 2.04%, reaching 945.84 million. In turn, 139.55 million (2.08%) were dedicated to orphan benefits, and 25.3 million euros to benefits in favor of family members, 4.49% more.

Number of pensions and average pension

Graph of the evolution of the amount of the average pensionMinistry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migrations

The System as a whole included a total of 9,799,395 contributory pensions, 0.97% more than last year. 62.22%, specifically 6,097,333, were due to retirement; 2,359,666 corresponded to widowhood benefits; 958,824 to permanent disability; 340,456 to orphans and 44,116 were pensions in favor of relatives.

The average pension of the System, which includes the different classes (retirement, permanent disability, widowhood, orphanhood and in favor of relatives), reached 1,008 euros per month, which meant a year-on-year increase of 2.16%. The average retirement pension amounted to 1,157.97 euros, 2.12% more than last year. For its part, the average widow's pension, whose recipients were 92.05% women, was this month at 723.22 euros per month.

Chart of the amount of the average pension by CCAAMinistry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migrations

The amount of new pension additions was higher. In the month of February, the last available date, the pensions corresponding to the new retirement additions were 1,452.84 euros per month. Those of the General Regime reached 1,580.27 euros / month.

The complete information on the contributory pensions of the Social Security System can be found in the attached file.

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