The Council of Ministers approves the appointment of Ivan Redondo as director of the Office of the President

In addition to remaining the first Secretary of State and the Secretary of the National Security Council, he will expand his functions and concentrate within the Cabinet, under his Steering Committee in the La Moncloa Complex, all the departments of assistance to the president, as national affairs , institutional, international, communication with citizens, the General Secretariat of the Presidency, the General Directorate of Economic Affairs, the Department of National Security and the different units of analysis.

The structure of the new Cabinet of the Presidency presents two novelties that are the formal incorporation of the Secretary of State for Communication and its holder. Secondly, the President of the Government has commissioned his Chief of Staff to create the first National Office for Long-Term Country Prospect and Strategy. With the Office of Foresight Unit, Spain joins a select group of pioneer countries and international organizations that already have similar units, such as Canada, the United States, France, Finland, the United Kingdom, the European Commission or the OECD.

This office will be responsible for thinking structurally in Spain for the next 30 years. The aim is to provide a transversal view, with methodology and with a long-term view, that will have a committee of civil society experts and that will develop a national strategy. Its objective is to systematically analyze the empirical evidence available to identify the possible demographic, economic, geopolitical, environmental, social or educational challenges and opportunities that Spain will have to face in the medium and long term, and to help the country prepare for them. .

One of the great defects of democracy is short-termism. In the frantic daily life of governments, the urgent often outshines the important. This in turn generates other problems such as lack of strategic thinking, response to society's demand, legislative obsolescence, untapped opportunities or low anticipation, which are at the base of phenomena such as climate change, rural emptying or loss of economic relevance for a nation.

To combat this short-term and ensure the future interests of Spain as a nation, this National Office of Long-Term Country Prospective and Strategy is created.

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