Thanks to the councilor of VOX, Gorka Sádaba, the Local Security Board is constituted in María de Huerva. In the gratitude they have all truly agreed. Both the Subdelegate of the Government in Zaragoza, Fernando Beltrán, and the Mayor of María de Huerva, Tomás Díaz. If not for the insistence of our party colleague, and councilor in this town, Gorka Sádaba, the Local Security Board would not have been satisfied.

Constitution act

The act began at 1:00 p.m. on Thursday, November 26, 2020. And Fernando Beltrán, as heads of the State Security Forces, Civil Guard, National Police and Local Police had been summoned. As well as the representation of the council that will be part of this Board. The mayor and three members, among whom is Gorka Sádaba.

And all for the signature that would give way to the formation of a body "more than necessary in the face of any catastrophe that could happen in the town", as the same councilor of VOX points out.

It has been weeks of insistence through a motion and two requests. To achieve a fact that the political apparatus of the City Council, led, we must not forget, by a representative of IU, give up in favor of this VOX proposal.

From the Zaragoza Provincial Council, the VOX Spokesperson, Carlos Rodrigo, has wrapped up Gorka Sádaba on this day. Likewise, the vice-secretary of Organization of VOX for Zaragoza, Daniel Hornos, and the party companions in María de Huerva, who appear in the photo that accompanies this chronicle.

All of them have congratulated the effort of the party colleague and wished him future success.

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