Last Thursday, September 10, the three municipal groups that make up the opposition of the La Vall d'Uixó City Council, jointly requested the convocation of an extraordinary plenary session to ask those responsible for the Government team for explanations and clarifications for the atypical events that occurred at the Hogar Sagrada Familia in the month of March.

That same day, Carmen García, gave the media her particular version of the events, describing the convocation of the Extraordinary Plenary as "miserable and unnecessary, since the opposition is well aware of the facts", in addition to insinuating, sideways, that the true interest in requesting the plenary session was only economic.

Faced with this situation, Marina Peirats, as councilor of the Municipal Group VOX, clarifies that:

"Now I consider it more necessary than ever to hold the plenary session ”since Ms. García's statements, in which she once again lies to the public, have not resolved the existing doubts, rather they have increased them, ensuring that the opposition is aware of the facts."

"Requesting an extraordinary plenary session is a full and legitimate resource at the disposal of the opposition, in its work of controlling the Government team and not a miserable act, for which I request that Ms García retract her words. "

"That the real reason for requesting the extraordinary plenary session is the repeated lack of information by the government team before the opposition groups and the obscurantism with which it acts, given the need for transparency that is required. "

"That the economic allocation received for attending the plenary session will be donated in full to CARITAS "

"The municipal group VOX, will not cease in its exercise of opposition, and will make use of all the legal means made available to it for the efficient development of its functions "

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