Milagros Marcos y Joaquín García Díez

The PP wants to clarify that it has never departed from the negotiation, but to advance in these terms, first it is necessary that a document be presented to seek the points of understanding and move it forward with a vote and will only be willing to reach agreements that do not harm to the Spanish countryside.

The councilors of Agriculture of the Popular Party deny that any national agreement on the CAP has been reached that the Government of Spain must defend in the Council of Ministers of the EU. To the surprise of the Ministry's announcement, the Secretary of Agriculture, Milagros Marcos, accuses Planas of lying and demands that he stop playing with the interests of Spanish farmers.
In this way, the heads of Agriculture of the CCAA chaired by the PP, require Luis Planas to reveal what position he will defend in Brussels and ask for transparency and clarity with Spanish farmers, after the advisory council held this afternoon.
The PP asks the minister to clarify what he refers to with a broad consensus in the regulations. In this regard, Marcos recalled that the last common position on the reform of the CAP was reached in 2018 in the Ministry of Isabel García Tejerina, in the Government of the Popular Party, which left the advanced negotiation with an agreement with several countries for a Cap without cuts.

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