The Cybernetic Coordination Office (OCC) detects medical material trafficking operations in DarkNET

The OCC, within its tasks of monitoring and digital surveillance on the deep web, has reported on these activities to the Security Forces and Bodies, which have been detected in the TOR market place, the specific browser for access to DarkNET.

Specifically, it has been detected that in this "market place" of TOR, medical materials are sold, such as protection masks, COVID-19 detection tests, professional electronic thermometers and drugs. The protection masks are professional in nature, some reaching the degree of protection FFP2 and FFP3.

Most sellers of these products report being located in countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, China, Italy, Singapore or the Netherlands. Shipments are directed to the whole world, through conventional parcel systems, upon payment of prices via crypto currency, of the bitcoin 2 type.

The report prepared by the OCC, a body that is included within the National Center for Infrastructure Protection and Cybersecurity of the Ministry of the Interior, indicates that sellers also accept conventional payment methods such as bank transfers or PayPal3, an extreme unusual in this type of network .

Sellers mostly use instant messaging applications and reference their contact details by email and phone number.

The OCC points out that behind some of these sales of medical equipment, especially those made in European countries, there are allegedly legal companies but "trading in this type of product outside of established government controls."

Regarding drugs related to COVID-19, the report notes that vendors point out in their ads that these are drugs that fight the virus, and that some even "go so far as to announce that it is the vaccine against the disease." "

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