He asserts that "there are no excuses for the administrations to take seriously the rehabilitation and commissioning of the Vigil de Quiñones, for the improvement of health care and for the next generations"

Seville, March 25, 2020. The representative of VOX for Seville in the Congress of Deputies, Reyes Romero, has submitted a question to the Bureau of the Chamber, for its written answer by the Government, regarding the Military Hospital of Seville, abandoned by the socialist government of the Junta de Andalucía after being transferred in perfect working order by the Spanish government.

In her explanatory statement, the Sevillian deputy explained that “the current coronavirus crisis is causing, among many other problems, the collapse of health centers, both public and private, to the point that beds are lacking to care for people affected. In this sense, the Seville Military Hospital, which is owned by the Andalusian Government, is still not in use, although the autonomous authorities have announced that they plan to reopen it in 2023 ”.

Reyes Romero pointed out that "we want to know if the Government of Spain plans to use the Vigil de Quiñones Military Hospital in the current coronavirus crisis, being aware that it needs a significant economic investment for its return to service."

“Today more than ever it is especially bleeding to know that until not long ago, the Sevillians had a perfectly prepared and fully functioning large hospital. The Socialists promised us that it would be made available to the people of Seville to complete the public network of hospitals in Seville, which never happened, hence the political responsibility of the PSOE with Seville, to which the hospital that we had within our reach owes. hand, but that the Junta de Andalucía of the PSOE decided to dismantle and abandon ”.

Reyes Romero has asserted in this regard that “it is time to make decisions that have a short-term impact on the improvement of the public health system, but also medium-term measures and the incorporation of the Military Hospital can and should be resumed for its rehabilitation and implementation service as soon as possible ”.

The VOX national deputy has stressed that “at this moment, the Military Hospital is in a situation of total and absolute abandonment, vandalized by the previous socialist government of the Junta, which made no attempt to fulfill its promise. A huge, modern and effective building, today converted into a monument to political sectarianism and the most absolute incompetence that presents itself to the Sevillians in the most painful way in these difficult times ”

"There is no excuse for the administrations to take seriously the rehabilitation project of the Military Hospital of Seville, whose implementation will directly revert to improving health services for Seville and for future generations, to which we will leave the best example of the fight of the entire society against the pandemic ”, he concluded.

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