Stresses that "Spain needs a fully functioning government", because it has been "more than 500 days without making the reforms that the country needs"

Question that Minister Ábalos said yesterday that Podemos could move token at the last moment to facilitate the investiture and warns the Executive that "Spain is not for tacticisms or for electoral strategies." "Spain needs a fully functioning government," he adds.

He emphasizes that, although "the acting Executive looks the other way," the economic data and the slowdown are there. "

It contrasts the "reformist paralysis" and the "political blockade" of the PSOE, as opposed to the "reformist impulse" of the PP, as has been shown in Andalusia, which is allowing taxes to be lowered and waiting lists reduced.

It requires Minister Montero to stop blackmailing the Autonomous Communities of the PP and reminds her that the Popular Party will not facilitate the investiture of Pedro Sánchez, but will exercise firm opposition.

He argues that if elections are held again in Spain, they will be solely responsible for Pedro Sánchez. "It will be his personal failure," he concludes.

Ensures that Isabel Díaz Ayuso will be a great president of the Community of Madrid and that the region will continue to be the “economic locomotive of Spain”, with “less taxes and more freedom in education and health”.

He recommends to the left that he "stops the playing field" and states that citizens will benefit from the measures that the new government of the Community of Madrid will take.

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