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The president of the Diputación de Valladolid, Jesús Julio Carnero, and the president of the Valladolid Confederation of Employers (CVE), Ángela de Miguel, have inaugurated the day of presentation of the third edition of the Program 'Valladolid Consolidates Rural Pyme', which aims to help companies in the province to improve and strengthen its position in the market.

As the president of the Provincial Council of Valladolid recalled, "this agreement is part of the collaborative actions between both institutions included in the Impulse Plan, with which we are among all helping to reduce unemployment figures in our province, in this case through the strengthening of our small and medium enterprises, and that in the case of collaboration with the CVE has allowed us to reach more than 500 beneficiaries, and more than 300 companies in the province. "

In this sense, he has affirmed that "After the success of the first two editions, in which 54 companies have participated, we have decided to renew the collaboration agreement to include 25 new companies in the program and thus work with 79 companies in total. And all of them located in a total of 38 municipalities of less than 20,000 inhabitants of our province, helping to consolidate more than 560 jobs, in a clear demonstration of the support of the Diputación de Valladolid for the development of our towns and our rural world ".

For her part, Ángela de Miguel highlighted that Spain is one of the EU countries with the smallest business dimension, 4.6 employees per company, where, despite creating companies at a similar pace to other European countries, there are many more that close soon and those that do not generate additional employment. According to the DIRCE, only 14% of companies with 20 or fewer employees reach 20 years of life in Spain, while this ratio rises to 43% in companies with more than 20 employees.

In our business fabric, micro-enterprises represent 40% of total employment. However, the participation in the added value is notably lower, only 25.3%. This translates into a lack of productivity and, consequently, low salaries.

He recalled that during the crisis, it has been lower in larger companies and the recovery of employment is earlier in larger companies, and that the greatest gains in productivity of work occur when jumping from the category of micro-enterprises to companies little.

As a result, this project aims to help the businessman in his growth process by providing specialized consultants in all areas of business management, at no cost to the employer since the project is funded by the Diputación de Valladolid through its Impulse Plan.


The 'Valladolid Consolida Pyme Rural' Program, funded by the Diputación de Valladolid and developed by the CVE, is aimed at Companies in the province that seek to rethink their strategy to adjust it to market needs and update their knowledge of business management, as well as help in their possible exit to foreign markets.

The program is structured in different phases, which start with a systematic diagnosis of each of the companies and their functional areas in order to reformulate their strategic objectives and, from there, develop a strategic plan consistent with the diagnosis of departure and the proposed strategic objectives, introducing the necessary changes within the possibilities of each of the companies.

For this, and after the initial evaluation, three types of specific actions have been developed based on working with companies with needs for restructuring and internal consolidation, for companies that may face the opening of new markets or companies in a situation of face a process of internationalization.

In the first two editions of the Program, 54 companies participated, of which 24 have addressed internal consolidation processes, 29 have faced the opening of new markets and 10 have begun the internationalization process.


The Consolida PYME Rural program is part of the different actions that, linked to the Impulse Plan, jointly develop the CVE and the Diputación de Valladolid.

A collaboration that began in 2013, with the Transnational Training and Practices Program in Germany for Unemployed Youth, through which almost a hundred young people have passed, 54.7% women, from 41 localities in the province and with a degree of labor insertion in Spain that reaches 74%.

Likewise, in 2015, the CVE Traspasa Program was launched, which was recovered in 2018 and which affects the contact of entrepreneurs who want to transfer their business with entrepreneurs who want to access a business already underway. There are almost a hundred companies adhering to the project, as well as 70 new entrepreneurs and more than 35 successful transfers.

To this is added, within the Rural Women's Employment Plan, a program for the improvement of Employability in which 78 women have participated in its first two editions, in which it has opted for the promotion of self-employment, and for the training both to obtain the title of Technician in Occupational Risk Prevention and in Leadership. In addition, a program has been launched to promote awareness activities on equality in companies with fewer than 250 workers.

On the other hand, two editions of the Entrecuentros Empresariales program have been developed in which more than 150 companies of the province have participated through different days of networking that has allowed them to establish a network of contacts, collaborations and synergies that has led to the start-up of new business opportunities.

And finally, last year launched the program The Path of Entrepreneurship that has reached 400 students in the second cycle of ESO and Baccalaureate, in order to promote among them the entrepreneurial culture.

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