Francisco Pardo Piqueras began his speech by highlighting that “the National Police is a Corps that closely resembles the society it serves by having an urban, modern, international, flexible profile, with the capacity to adapt, effective and egalitarian and with great vocation of service to the Spanish ”
The lines of work of the National Police for the next legislature will be included in the new Strategic Plan, which will extend its validity until 2024, and are framed in four main transversal axes: Training, Digital Transformation, Internationalization and Equality
One of the main objectives is to achieve excellence in training, especially in new technologies and language skills, which is why the University Center of the National Police will be created which, with a budget of 4 million euros, will enhance the level University of the agents § The director of the Police has influenced the recovery of troops that has taken place in the last two years, with the increase of 3,425 agents, as well as the improvements in pay and job security

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