The Director General of the Civil Guard presides over the inauguration of the new head of the Comandancia de Málaga

María Gámez has presided this morning the act held on the occasion of the inauguration of Colonel Antonio Rodríguez-Medel as the new head of the Comandancia de Málaga

The event was attended by the mayor of Malaga, Francisco de la Torre; the delegate of the Government of the Junta de Andalucía in Málaga, Patricia Navarro; the head of the Single Operational Coordination Command, Major General Félix Blázquez; the head of the Zone of Andalusia, Brigadier General Alfonso Rodríguez, among other authorities.

The director general of the Civil Guard, María Gámez, presided this morning the act held on the occasion of the inauguration of Colonel Antonio Rodríguez Medel-Nieto as the new head of the Comandancia de Málaga.

The general director has highlighted the professional background of the new Colonel, in the territorial area in Jaén and Zamora, in addition to other destinations such as the Rural Antiterrorist Group of Logroño (currently the GAR), Information in Guipúzkoa, the Maritime Service in Huelva, and the Petty Officer Academy of the Civil Guard, in El Escorial.

María Gámez has continued her words affirming that Rodríguez-Medel is in charge of a Command that guarantees citizen security in more than 70 percent of the territory of Malaga. In the interior of the province, but also in peri-urban areas … and in all these points, the Civil Guard is an essential piece for the vertebration and coexistence of the territory, especially in the rural environment, where our institution joins the demographic challenge.

The director general explained that “if we talk about security, Malaga is not a simple province … Its cosmopolitan and open character gives it unique characteristics and diversity that result in a scenario in which common crime cohabits with organized crime , a cocktail that requires a special preparation, training and dedication of the agents who are responsible for ensuring the safety of people on a daily basis.And in this situation, Colonel, I ask for solidarity and determined commitment to guarantee security. And not only that, but for the necessary task of putting security at the service of freedom. ”

Likewise, María Gaméz has asked the Colonel that the Civil Guard of Malaga continue to deploy his humanity to help migrants who play their lives in search of a better life, because life and human rights are respected in a democratic society, not it may be otherwise; and I ask you, Colonel, that the civil guards be always close to the victims of trafficking and gender-based violence, and against their abusers, that you be the help of women and help prevent and combat this scourge that shames us as society, one of our main battles. ”

Gámez has also had a few words of thanks to the former head of the Civil Guard in Malaga who has thanked him for his work, his dedication, his professionalism and his support; adding that "you are very responsible for the knowledge and admiration I feel for this institution, for its men and women."

More than 30 years of service

Colonel Antonio Rodríguez-Medel Nieto takes over in the post of Colonel Jesús Esteban Gutiérrez, who has played it in recent years. The last destination of Colonel Rodríguez Medel has been the Academy of NCOs of the Escorial (Madrid)

Antonio Rodríguez Medel Nieto was born in Malaga in 1964. He entered the General Military Academy of Zaragoza in 1985, obtaining the employment of a Civil Guard lieutenant in 1988.

Among the destinations in which he has served since leaving the Academy include the Rural Antiterrorist Group of Logroño (now the Rapid Action Group), the Guipúzcoa Information Group, the Provincial Maritime Service of Huelva, the Comandancias de Jaén and Zamora and the Teaching Headquarters.

Colonel Rodríguez-Medel has been distinguished with numerous civil and military decorations, both national and foreign, among which the Military Merit Crosses; the Aeronautical Merit Cross; the Cross, the Encomienda and the Plate of the Royal and Military Order of San Hermenegildo; several Crosses of the Order of Merit of the Civil Guard Corps, with both red and white marks; Police Merit Crosses with white badge; and Medals of the Republic of Portugal; to which numerous congratulations are added.

Commander of the Civil Guard of Malaga

The Civil Guard in Malaga is responsible for the citizen security of 94 municipalities in the province, which represents 72.58% of the provincial territory.

To carry out this task, it has more than 1,700 troops – almost 6% are women – who are distributed in the 44 Citizen Security Posts – 8 main and 36 ordinary ones – and in specialties such as Traffic Grouping, Judicial Police, Information, Seprona, Weapons Intervention, Cynological Service or Explosives Deactivation; as well as the Fiscal and Airport, Maritime or Weapons Intervention Unit, among others.

As for the crime statistics collected by the Civil Guard in Malaga, the Commandery has registered 16,049 offenses committed throughout 2019.

By type of crime, robberies in homes and establishments (almost 3%), subtractions in agricultural and livestock farms (35%) and malicious homicides and murders, as well as attempts (50%) have decreased.


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