The Director General visits the Civil Guard Command in Melilla

María Gámez has met with the commanders of the Command and with a representation of the Civil Guards, among which were some of those who were injured in the CETI incident a few days ago

Subsequently, he has made a tour of the border perimeter where remodeling works have already begun and has visited the GEAS (Special Group of Underwater Activities) of the Civil Guard

The General Director of the Civil Guard, María Gámez, has held a working meeting with those responsible for the Melilla Command.

The Commands of the Civil Guard in the city have exposed to the Director General the tasks they carry out, the current situation, as well as the prospects and future plans.

The Director General has addressed a few words to a representation of all levels of civil guards, among which were some of those who took part in the incident that took place a few days ago at the CETI where 6 agents were injured and 33 migrants were detained. María Gámez thanked them for their dedication and dedication, which often goes beyond the strict performance of duty.

In the afternoon, the Director General took a tour of the border perimeter where she was able to see the remodeling works that have begun to replace the current one.

He has also visited the facilities of the Special Group of Underwater Activities (GEAS) of the Corps.

Finally, María Gámez has gone to the cemetery to visit the graves of the Melilla civil guards Juan Antonio Díaz Román, Juan Ramón Joya Lago and Antonio Molina Martín, who were murdered by the terrorist organization ETA in different attacks on the peninsula.

The Civil Guard in the Autonomous City of Melilla

The Commandery of the Civil Guard in Melilla has two companies, that of Melilla and that of Prosecutor. In addition to citizen security and Fiscal Service personnel, it has specialties such as Information, Judicial Police, Seprona, Weapons and Explosives, Cynology and GEAS.

The territorial demarcation of responsibility of the Civil Guard mainly includes the border perimeter. The most common problem it faces is the attempted irregular entry into Melilla, either by violating this perimeter, through the coast or through the authorized border crossings. So far this year there have been 223 people who have entered Melilla irregularly by these methods, a figure significantly lower than last year where they did 1,321.

Although at present the border crossings are closed due to the COVID19 pandemic, through land border controls and linked to commercial activity, about 30,000 people and about 15,000 vehicles access the city daily.

The clearance rate of the Command in 2019 was 64.96%, which represents a slight increase of 0.59 points compared to 2018. The highest number of criminal offenses in the command in 2019 in the period January -July were thefts (105), followed by robbery with violence or intimidation (79). It should also be noted that, thanks to the proactivity of the units, the operations carried out related to drug trafficking offenses have increased.

For more information, you can contact the Civil Guard Press Office at 915 146 010.


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