The driver who dazzled a trucker with a laser pointer punished

The investigation began thanks to the video posted on social networks by the truck driver

The penalty faced by the offender amounts to 30,000 euros

The Civil Guard has managed to identify and propose for punishment the driver of a delivery van that, on the night of the 11th, was circulating pointing a laser pointer at the driver of a truck that was circulating behind him.

The day after the events occurred, the Group of Investigation and Analysis of Traffic of the Civil Guard of Asturias (GIAT), detected through social networks a video in which the infraction was observed. A van of a well-known delivery company, at a given moment of the traffic, projected a beam of green light several times – coming from a laser pointer – on the vision of the driver of the large tonnage truck that was circulating behind, causing the glare from it and can cause a serious accident.

After viewing the video, the GIAT produced a report in which, frame by frame, it managed to reel off various reference points to identify the path in which the events had occurred.

Once the place between kilometers 125 and 123 of the AP-2 toll road (Zaragoza-Mediterráneo), the municipality of Soses and the judicial district of La Seu de Urgell (Lleida), has been identified, as well as the registration of the delivery van From when the offense was committed, the agents contacted the company and obtained the details of the worker who was driving the vehicle at the time.

The Civil Guard has instructed a file for a very serious infringement of the Law for the Protection of Citizen Security under the following precept: "The projection of light beams, by any type of device, on the pilots or drivers of means of transport that may dazzle them or distract their attention and cause accidents ”, which was sent to the Government Sub-delegation of Lleida (Catalonia).

The investigation has been carried out by the Traffic Research and Analysis Group (GIAT), belonging to the Traffic Sector / Subsector of the Asturias Civil Guard.

For more information, you can contact the Peripheral Communication Office (O.P.C) of the Civil Guard of the Oviedo Command, Tel. 985-11.90.00, ext. 3144 / 636.24.58.71


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