I still remember when, at 14 years of age, Real Madrid Baloncesto gave me the opportunity to be part of their team. I loved sports and was prepared for that adventure and responsibility that life offered me. It was a stage in which advice was mixed with training without rest, without a clock, pressure, continued work … and effort: that was the key word.

Nothing was a coincidence, everyone said it since striving is essential to achieve what he wanted and he was aware of it. The effort had accompanied me since my first days as a basketball fan and with it my routine and my work were marked. Perseverance, willpower, motivation and confidence, accompanied by passion, led me to continue climbing and to obtain several titles at the European level.
Is it possible to achieve our goals through commitment? Without a doubt. We see certain athletes and consider them privileged, but we must not forget that what is obtained is the result of work and talent.

Values ​​such as respect and camaraderie that are learned in the world of sport are essential for any area of ​​life and our day-to-day lives. Defeats are part of the teachings and in sport you play fair, the merits belong to the team and this is what I intend to convey to VOX on a daily basis.

Both in the political party and in the party on the field, all of us move forward together. Each one knows their functions and only with coordination, trust and defined convictions can they reach the basket.

“Loyalty is not required, it is required”: it is a phrase that I use in my day-to-day life and that perfectly defines what it means to be part of VOX, of its values: by and for Spain. All of us who make up VOX Murcia are loyal to ideals that define the effort and momentum already mentioned.

Deputies, councilors, coordinators, affiliates, supporters and volunteers we are a team, we wear the same shirt in every corner of the Region and in the rest of the country; Each motion or non-law proposition has a common objective. Shooting is the challenge but we do not lose sight of the path, we have responsibility in each step we take, each movement. Always with an eye on the partner, on benefiting Spaniards, because in sport, as in politics and in life itself, values ​​and effort are the keys to achieving success.

José Ángel Antelo, acting president of VOX Murcia.

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