The VOX Parliamentary Group in Aragon has abstained this morning, in the debate and vote on the validation of the Decree Law on urgent measures of the Government of Aragon.

As pointed out in his speech by VOX spokesman in Aragon, David Arranz, in the Decree there are necessary measures to expedite payments to SMEs or the self-employed, or advance payments to Local Entities to which we cannot oppose; But it is also true that there are measures that cannot receive our favorable vote.

In general, the streamlining and simplification of spending files cannot be converted into a tailor's box to process files without prior control of spending by the Intervention. Furthermore, even if there is no a priori control of the Intervention, exceptional effective control must be established outside and in addition to that of the Chamber of Accounts.

On the other hand, it is not explained what type of subsidies are going to be given in the midst of the crisis; whose granting and control deviate from the general control regime.

Furthermore, we believe that the award of contracts directly and without advertising of Article 21 is not justified, as it is serious in terms of respect for the law and the principle of competitive competition between possible beneficiaries.

Possible unconstitutionality

In our opinion, article 35.3 is unconstitutional, by regulating commercial legislation that is the competence of the State; of doubtful legality because it exonerates an administrator from its responsibility for damages that it produces to third parties. It is not said that, in such a case, the counselor who has given the order or instruction will respond (which would be logical, but obviously not stated).

It cannot be that the Administration gives orders to its representatives in the companies that can cause damages and itself says that it is exempt from answering for such damages. This is something that seems serious to us.

Finally, from VOX we miss the obligation of the heads of the departments to send weekly the information and documentation of acts and orders given in application of this decree to Parliament and to appear, in a maneuver very similar to the one being carried out. held in Congress.

Without budgetary control, and without political control, it is a carte blanche to the government that we cannot admit.

In summary, VOX in Aragon, even recognizing the special nature of the circumstances in which we live, believes that the emergency situation does not exempt compliance with the law and the obligation to respond to citizens. This is the reason for our abstention from the validation of the Decree Law of March 25, of the Government of Aragon, on urgent measures to respond to the impact generated by COVID-19 in the Autonomous Community.

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