Deans and presidents of the Colleges of: Architects, Quantity Surveyors and Technical Architects, Industrial Engineers, Industrial Technical Engineers and Civil Engineers coincided in this analysis with the construction sector, given that each one in its field of They are suffering from the lack of investments, both in technical means and in infrastructures, in our province with the ballast that this entails for the socio-economic development of the same.

Professionals and entrepreneurs understand that Huelva needs preferential attention to promote in its bosom measures that come to alleviate a worrying situation that has its immediate reflection in its high level of unemployment.

The view is put again in a necessary and powerful endowment of infrastructures and means that comes to reactivate to its economic sectors since to his shelter they will arrive without a doubt investments attracted by a province with an unbeatable geostrategic situation, door of entrance and exit towards Africa , America and Europe but lacking intermodal communication channels, very far from those that count more developed societies.

In the same way, the deficiencies in the electricity supply network and the lack of technical personnel to solve certain problems on the part of the companies is another hadicap that is weighing down the economy and also prevents investors from looking at Huelva when deciding where to develop your initiatives

To conclude, the administrative bureaucracy becomes another distorting element of business activity, setting as a concrete example that some building project takes up to 7 months waiting to obtain a building license, without forgetting other issues related to the conservation of buildings and historical and architectural heritage, public tenders, the problem with coast and the difficulties in urban development that also worry a lot.

A Work Commission created within this same meeting will serve to derive to the different Administrations the proposals for action that are deemed convenient to solve the problems described above and help to promote Huelva, positioning it at the levels that deservedly correspond to it.

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