The Business Confederation of the Valencian Community, CEV, makes a positive assessment of unemployment and affiliation data for the month of June 2019.

Positive, because Unemployment has decreased in the Community by 5,067 people during the month of June. Unemployment has fallen in all the provinces and in all sectors, except in the agricultural sector. In addition, in the group "without previous employment", it drops significantly.

Positive also because, despite the declining membership in the province of Valencia, People affiliated with Social Security have also increased in the Community. In interannual terms, the Comunitat Valenciana maintains the second place in the regional ranking.

Nonetheless, the analysis of the data in seasonally adjusted terms traces a slowdown in unemployment, hiring and affiliation.

Provincial analysis

In Alicante, the sharp drop in unemployment stands out – a 2.30% monthly rate – several tenths above the national average. Unemployment goes down in all sectors, especially in the service sector. Very positive is the assessment of the sharp decline in the industrial sector and, further away, in the construction sector and in the group "without previous employment".

In the province of Castellón, unemployment has also fallen to a greater intensity than the national average, thanks to the sharp drop in the services sector. Unemployment has also declined in the agricultural sector, in construction and in the collective "without previous employment". However, the number of unemployed has risen in the industrial sector; 0.22% in monthly rate.

In the province of Valencia, unemployment falls in all sectors, except in the agricultural sector. Downs in the macro-sector services and in the industrial sector stand out for their dynamism.

Sectorial analysis

As a whole, the seasonal conditions have favored the evolution of the labor market in the Valencian Community. The branches associated with tourism and trade are the most benefited, but also highlights the good performance of the industrial sector, where unemployment has fallen by 1.9% in monthly rate. The construction sector also maintains its dynamism. In the opposite direction -and for seasonal reasons- in the agricultural sector has risen 2.5%.

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