The employment rate of recent graduates – with tertiary studies completed in the last three years – has reached an average of 85.5% in all EU-28 countries. Young people who only have upper secondary education, however, they have an average employment rate of 66.3%, sEg the data published by Eurostat for 2018.

The member states with the highest employment rates of newly graduates in 2018 are Malta (96.7%), the Netherlands (94.8%), Germany (94.3%) and Luxembourg (94.0%). Below are Sweden with 92.5%, as well as the Czech Republic, Hungary and Latvia that exceed 91%.

Lithuania, Belgium and Austria are somewhat above 90%, while Ireland, Estonia, Poland, Romania are already slightly below. The United Kingdom, Finland, Denmark and Portugal complete the list of the 19 EU-28 countries that have higher than average rates.

Below average are Slovenia, Bulgaria and France. Spain appears in the last places of the classification. In our country, the employment rate of recent graduates has reached 77.9% in 2018. We are far from the EU-28 average and we have not yet recovered the high rate of 85.3% that we registered in 2008.

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