The presentation press conference was attended by the general secretary of CEN, Carlos Fernández Valdivielso, the general secretary of UGT Navarra, Jesús Santos, and the general secretary of CCOO Navarra, Chechu Rodríguez.

In particular, the campaign proposes the promotion of good practices as a means to combat occupational accidents that, In 2018 alone, it left 9,782 work accidents with sick leave in the Community of Navarra, 9.9% more than the previous year.

To this end, the figure of the Territorial Delegate for the Prevention of Occupational Risks (DTP) will be promoted, whose main task will be to encourage the improvement of risk prevention among SMEs of between 6 and 49 workers. Specifically, there will be 18 DTP, all qualified technicians in occupational risk prevention, who will visit the companies.

The program, in detail

Participating companies will receive two visits to diagnose their needs in terms of risk prevention: one from a DTP from the CEN and another from a DTP union. Both will carry out jointly, fruit of the consensus between the two parties, an improvement report and will meet with management and workers to propose various actions that will be guided by the DTP of the CEN.

Subsequently, a summary document will be published, where all the work that has been done in this respect will be addressed with each of the participating SMEs.

Small and medium-sized companies interested in participating in 'DTP, your vaccine against occupational hazards' can expand information or enroll in the program through the web or, by email sent to the address:

A pioneer figure in Spain

In the signing of the revision of the Intersectorial Agreement of Navarra on Labor Relations, of October of last year, CEN, UGT and CCOO committed themselves to relaunch this figure of the Territorial Delegate for Prevention that, years ago, already it was a pioneer in Spain because of its management fruit of the consensus between business organizations and unions and for the good results it has brought in reducing labor accident rates.

The three signatory organizations highlighted in this agreement how the accident rate had increased in recent years in Navarre and committed to work and develop the necessary actions to combat it until the maximum possible eradication of work accidents and the implementation of measures to prevent diseases of work origin.

In this agreement, CEN, UGT and CCOO proposed measures to introduce improvements in the companies in matters of occupational health, such as transferring to companies the need to protocolize intervention programs against work stress and all aspects related to conflicts and risks psychosocial In companies with fewer than fifty workers, the three organizations also recommend holding regular meetings on risk prevention between the prevention delegate and the company management.

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