To address Brexit, the intervention of Enrique Feás, Commercial Technician and Economist of the State and Senior Associate Researcher at the Elcano Royal Institute, an expert in international economics, including integration and disintegration processes, was included. Specifically, Enrique Feás explained that the center of gravity of the negotiations remains how to avoid a physical border on the island of Ireland and then developed what would be the consequences of both a hard Brexit (trade agreement) and an abrupt disconnection , that is, not agreed.

The ongoing conversations to achieve an orderly Brexit coincide with the process of renewal of the College of Commissioners. In this sense, the President of the EU Commission of CEOE, Jesús Ortiz, presented the structure and priorities of the new European Commission, whose president will be the German conservative Ursula Von der Leyen. A process, he said, could be extended beyond the initially planned date, delaying the entry into office of the next Community Executive until December of this year.

Finally, the president of the Commission of the European Union proposed the action plan of said consultative commission for 2020, whose main agreed lines were: follow Brexit closely, its result, and the next negotiations on future relations between the EU and United Kingdom; dedicate the first 2020 meeting to the analysis of the financing programs and funds provided for in the Multiannual Financial Framework 2021-2027, organizing a monographic day on the matter; and strengthen the business voice in Brussels.

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