For decades, the regions of our country and their peoples have been losing population to the point that this figure has become alarming; rural areas represent 85% of the national territory, but only 20% of the population lives there. In the report on the demographic challenge that the VOX MEP, Mazaly Aguilar, presented yesterday in the European Parliament and that was approved today in the Commission with 38 votes in favor, 7 against and no abstention, this question is put on the table , reflecting the priority that VOX gives to rural areas and the fight against depopulation: "Having a lively and dynamic rural environment should be an objective, not only of the CAP, but of all EU policies," he pointed out in the European chamber.

The MEP acknowledges that there are no simple solutions to the problem of rural exodus, but calls for more coordination between the different policies of the Union: "The lack of coordination between European policies, the lack of long-term vision and the lack of profitability of farmers and ranchers is accelerating the alarming process of depopulation of rural areas," Aguilar criticized during the presentation of the report.

The causes and implications of this process that the rural world is experiencing are diverse and equally affects economic, cultural or environmental conservation, as well as its population. This is why the VOX MEP demands that the EU act and apply appropriate measures to avoid that the numbers of depopulated towns increase. Aguilar's report is committed to innovation and new technologies as "allies to face the challenges of the rural environment." Along the same lines, it rejects "cuts in the CAP budgets, cohesion policy" and defends "profitable agriculture as the pillar of a lively and attractive rural environment".

The green religion that is dictating the actions of all the institutions, with a discourse marked by progressive consensus (curiously, those who have starred in the votes against the VOX Europe report), has had a place in the intervention of the VOX MEP . Thus, Mazaly Aguilar has criticized that the green pact marginalizes the rural environment and its value in society: “the green deal will never be credible if it continues to marginalize the economic and social potential of the Union's rural areas”.

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