The escaped coup plotters Carles Puigdemont and Antoni Comín will have to return half of the allowances they received from the European Parliament in 2019. This has been recognized by the General Directorate of Finance of this institution in response to a letter from the head of the VOX delegation in Brussels , Jorge Buxadé, who this Wednesday asked the European Parliament to apply the expenses regulation to both fugitives, according to which MEPs who did not attend the 2019 plenary sessions have to return 50% of their allocation for general expenses.

"The decision of the Bureau will be implemented in its entirety", says the Director General of Finance of the Europarliament, Didier Klethi. It refers to article 31.2 of the Implementation Measures of the Statute of Deputies, which requires this return if the presence of a MEP is less than 50% of the days of the plenary session.

As Buxadé recalled in his letter, Puigdemont and Comín did not attend any of the plenary sessions in 2019, so according to the calculations each will have to return 27,000 euros in general expenses. Both fugitives were recognized as members of the European Parliament in a controversial decision that VOX brought to the EU Court of Justice in January and has yet to be resolved.

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