The Commission, meeting at the Navy Headquarters, has focused, in particular, on the international dimension of the celebration, whose vector will be the Juan Sebastián Elcano school ship, which has already begun its transatlantic voyage and will be in each of the ports visited by the original expedition on the same dates on which the 5th centenary is fulfilled, during the next three years.

As of this newly initiated instructional cruise, and as part of this planned world tour, the school ship has incorporated a scientific project in collaboration with the University of Cádiz, the Marine Hydrographic Institute and the Explorers Club of New York , which focuses on the taking of water temperature profiles and the automated observation of marine litter. The results will be very useful to advance in the study of climate change.

Among the projects approved by the Commission are a didactic project of the Organization of Ibero-American States that will be implemented in the countries of the Ibero-American region, which includes an essay contest, a PPP with educational resources and digital content, a photographic exhibition, a meeting of teachers and students; and another circumnavigation, in charge of the famous navigator Jimmy Cornell, which will be done for the first time with a fully electric ship, "The Elcano Challenge", which in addition to paying tribute in his title to the seaman of Getaria, responds to the acronym ELectricity. Coal. NO!.

The president of the Executive Committee, Admiral Juan Francisco Martínez Núñez, informed during the meeting about the open collaboration with the General Secretariat of the Organization of American States for the dissemination of the feat, valuing and recognizing the validity of the historical legacy , cultural and scientific that it supposed, as well as the consequences for the advancement in the right of people, in the international fair trade, and the will to transmit it to future generations.

On the other hand, the Commission has been notified of the progress of the implementation of an international production that will develop RTVE in support of the dissemination of the V Centenary of the first round the world. The series will be a large-scale international co-production led by the public network. It will consist of four chapters of sixty minutes each, will be shot in Spanish and will have a first-rate artistic and technical team.

This historical fiction series will use the codes of the adventure genre. The Executive Committee of the V Centenary hopes that this series will be one of the most far-reaching elements for the dissemination of the deed.

Another of the projects carried out by RTVE to celebrate the first round of the world has also been reported. It is an interactive project of Lab which premiered last September that allows you to discover the most important landmarks of the expedition and live in 360º a day aboard the Juan Sebastián Elcano school ship.

Exhibitions, seminars, meetings, regattas and tributes

On December 13, the expedition commanded by Magellan arrived in Saint Lucia, now Rio de Janeiro, the first foreign port visited. The Embassy of Spain, that of Portugal and the Government of Brazil have designed a program to commemorate:

  • On December 12 and 13, the 5th International Centenary of Primeira Volta ao Mundo 500 years will be held at the Magalhaes / Elcano Expediçao in Rio de Janeiro, with the presence of specialists from seven countries: Brazil, Spain, Portugal, Argentina, Chile and Uruguay, under the scientific direction of Professor Paulo Roberto Pereira.
  • On December 12, an agreement will be signed between the Juan Sebastián Elcano Chair of the CEU and the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and the State University of Rio de Janeiro.
  • Other commemorative events will be the placement of a plaque in memory of this deed and the celebration of a regatta in which the Juan Sebastián Elcano trophy will be delivered, in addition to the traditional opening of doors of the school ship to be visited.
  • During the next two years there will be two traveling exhibitions throughout the country.

This arrival will also be celebrated from the Ministry of Culture and Sports. The National Museum of Anthropology opens on November 22, as the first milestone of the cycle 'Let's go around the world', the exhibition "Rio somos nós!". The community museums of Rio de Janeiro and the decolonial turn ", project of the Social Museology Network of Rio de Janeiro, in collaboration with the Museu da Maré, the Favela Museum, the Sankofa Museum, the Cerro Corá Museum, the Live Museum São Bento, the Museu das Remoções, the Ecomuseu de Sepetiba, the Bumba Meu Boi Raízes de Gericinó Museum and the Ecomuseu de Santa Cruz.

On the other hand, in Montevideo, between January 7 and 12, 2020, a commemorative program has also been designed, in collaboration with the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Education and Culture of Uruguay. An exhibition on the expedition will be inaugurated, a plaque will be placed and there will be a special regatta, among other activities that are still being closed, such as a Congress similar to that of the River.

The Juan Sebastián Elcano school ship and the PROS sailboat, chartered by the Association of Friends of the Great Spanish Navigators and Explorers (AGNYEE), will also be in Montevideo during those dates in their project around the world "Sailing behind the wake of Juan Sebastian Elcano. "

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