"The Government, through the Ministry of Health and the National Institute of Health Management (Ingesa), considers that the current workforce is sufficient to carry out ordinary activity ”. This is how the Executive responded to questions from the party after the national deputy of VOX for Ceuta, Teresa López, questioned several complaints by hospital professionals about work overload and exhaustion of health personnel. However, the Government adds that "eventual appointments are planned," without specifying a date for this. But the reality is that this Tuesday, November 24, Ceuti health workers have reconcentrated due to the lack of personnel, so that the number of health workers in all areas is increased, as well as the material resources and specific areas and infrastructure of the health in Ceuta.

Also, on October 13 and 20, the four unions in Ceuta called concentrations under the slogan "More investment, more resources, more professionals and more stability in contracts." For this reason, VOX appealed to the social-communist government for the investment planned by Ingesa to alleviate these lack of personnel and resources of health workers. To this, the Executive has affirmed that Ingesa "will allocate the appropriate amounts to finance both the budget for the organic staff, as well as the eventual needs". At the moment it is unknown what the economic amount is.

The Government of the Nation justifies the constant march of the city's health workers "due to the special characteristics that make it difficult to retain them and provide their services in the city," without offering a solution in this regard. And, once again, the Executive affirms that it is ending the 2016 Public Employment Offer. An offer that should have already been made, and that, in addition, they use the same argument again to justify that "several lines of work are open for a improvement of employment conditions ”.

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