Given the extraordinary situation that is being experienced due to the Covid-19 pandemic and that has affected the education sector so much, VOX questioned the socialist government about the planning that it will carry out face to the reopening of Nursery Schools. And it is that the Spanish Association of Pediatrics considers socialization very important in teaching children. For this reason, the VOX deputy for Ceuta and spokesperson for the Commission for the Rights of Children and Adolescents, Teresa López, asked the Executive what planning, strategies and measures they will implement to control children when they return to the classroom. On the part of the Government of Sánchez and Iglesias, the answer they offer is that the strategy will remain in the hands of the Autonomous Communities.

VOX considers that the age between zero to six years is a fundamental stage “for emotional and educational development and for the implantation of healthy habits”, for which reason it asked Moncloa “what planning are being elaborated before the reopening of the Schools Children in the sense recommended by the AEP ”, as well as“ the strategy to alleviate the possible effects derived from the coronavirus pandemic among children from 0 to 6 years old ”. “What type of measure are you going to advise to implement for the control of children at that age, such as interpersonal physical distance, knowing the risk of using masks at that age and the negative effect on learning due to lack of facial expression , or the possible fear of illness? " Lopez asks.

Before this battery From questions from the Ceuta parliamentarian, the social-communist government has made reference to the criteria of the health authorities for a safe return "as well as the competencies that each Autonomous Community has in terms of center management." In addition, the Government has alluded to a series of specific recommendations for students from 0 to 3 years old, included in a plan of "measures for prevention and hygiene", drawn up two months ago. A situation that today, with the return of Covid-19, has changed compared to June. Even so, they highlight that, as a result of the established measures, “the Aut Communitiesorthey just make their own instructions for starting the prorximo course”.

It should also be noted that, from Moncloa, they have indicated that the centers will be "Who will specify corhow to taketo out of schoolingorn presence of students and estimate whatand measures must be established ”, which confirms that there is no single guide for the development of children's return to the classroom. So far, it is unknown when the start of the new course will take place, as well as what will be the protocol to follow, if it will finally be one for all centers or each center will open its doors following the guidelines according to its CCAA and its own criteria.

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