"How many Civil Guard vehicles in Ceuta have received an unfavorable report after their technical inspection in the last year?" Asked the national deputy of VOX for Ceuta, Teresa López, to the Executive. The Government affirms that no vehicle of the Command has had an unfavorable report so far this year, but that as a result of that study, "the most common deficiencies have been compiled, which are lighting, brakes, windows, tires and damping" .

VOX argued that, in the case of the State Security Forces and Bodies (FCSE), the material resources they have for the development of their functions must be fully operational and above all adapt to the innate needs of their functions. . "It cannot be understood that in the different parts of our geography, FCSE agents do not have access to adequate and useful vehicles to carry out their work," said López in his interpellation.

The Executive has recognized that "the continued use of vehicles, added to the insufficient renewal rate due to the lack of budget in recent years, has made it impossible to postpone the renewal of the fleet." The deputy asked about the measures that the Government of the Nation would adopt for the replacement and improvement of the Benemérita vehicles in the city, to which the Executive has affirmed that the objective set for the vehicle staff is to have it updated and modernized in 2028.

In addition, the Government has confirmed that the 23 vehicles of the Civil Guard in Ceuta are over 15 years old. An age that, according to a campaign by the General Traffic Directorate on the condition of vehicles, doubles the risk of being seriously injured in accidents, since this risk occurs with cars between 10 and 15 years compared to those under five years.

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