"What specific legislative and regulatory changes in the area of ​​foreigners is the Government proposing?" With this question, the national deputy of VOX for Ceuta, Teresa López, addressed the Executive to find out the changes that will be carried out in the immigration legislation. Changes referred to by the Secretary of State for Migration, Hana Jalloul, in an interview on diario.es. The Government has confirmed that already in the first appearance, the Minister of Inclusion, Social Security and Migrations underlined "the need to build a national consensus that allows addressing migration problems in the medium term, without forgetting the immediate challenges that we must manage." The Executive adds that "in this sense, changes aimed at improving and making the authorization regime for legal migration more flexible, given that the current system is not responding to the needs of our labor market."

And for this, one of the reforms announced by the Government is to modify articles 196, 197 and 198 of the Immigration Regulations relating to unaccompanied foreign minors, adding that “it is the purpose of rationalizing the documentation system for unaccompanied foreign minors ”. Some initiatives, they point out from Moncloa, that “will facilitate the exchange of information and collaboration between the Government and the Autonomous Communities, which will allow, not only the knowledge of the figures and the situation of foreign minors in Spain, but also to implement the measures that facilitate their social and labor insertion in Spain ”.

Also, the socialist-communist government has highlighted in its response to the Vox Parliamentary Group that "we must bear in mind that the number of immigrants in Spain is below the levels of countries comparable to ours." It should be noted that only in Ceuta, according to local media, at the beginning of March, the Autonomous Administration welcomed about 500 immigrant children and adolescents in the different centers of the city, not counting the hundreds of minors who roam in the street. In addition to the residents of the CETI that hosts the city, whose maximum operating capacity is set at 520 places. A capacity that has frequently been overwhelmed by the number of immigrants who have come to our city.

In its response, the Executive of Sánchez e Iglesias also bets on “carrying out a triple task of reorganization, simplification and flexibility, in order for the text to be as comprehensive as possible, reducing the heterogeneity of authorizations currently existing, the areas of provincial and sectoral validity of the same or the family migration system, also analyzing the role played by the Catalog of Occupations with Difficult Coverage ”.

The National Deputy of Vox for Ceuta regrets once again that “the commitment of the social-communist government formed by Sánchez and Iglesias continues to promote immigration with measures that, far from stopping the mafias, encourage them. We said it in the campaign, and we will continue to say it as many times as necessary, at Vox we demand the expulsion of illegal immigrants, and also that of immigrants who, being legal, have committed serious crimes in Spain. It is alarming that in Ceuta we have to bear the weight of immigration at the same time as the abandonment of the Government, which delegates its powers in this matter while betting on a relaxation of the Immigration Law. Of course, the Government Delegate shows her vegetative action from the Plaza de los Reyes without acting in favor of Ceuta and its citizens, but rather allowing herself to be carried away by the tide to which her Executive is subjected against the interests of Ceuta ”.

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