The Bertelsmann Foundation and the Circle of Businessmen have awarded the III Alliance Award for Dual Vocational Training in the Organization category to Federation of Companies of La Rioja for his position as a key agent in FP Dual for the business community of La Rioja. The jury also awarded MediaMarkt Iberia, Dicomol, and CIFP School of Hospitality and Tourism Simone Ortega in the categories of large companies, SMEs and educational centers.

The Federation of Companies of La Rioja, which brings together 70 sectors, responds to the lack of qualified professional profiles and attempts to harmonize supply and demand in the regional professional market. The labor insertion rate of students who complete the Dual FP cycles within the framework of their project is 100%. In addition, it offers continuous support to companies, encourages exchange between company and center tutors, and evaluates and establishes mechanisms for continuous improvement of the dual model in La Rioja.

To fulfill this objective and lead this project in La Rioja, the FER started up and started working on a Dual FP model that has four characteristics or qualities: the quality of the training, the innovation of the whole process, the participation of all and the fact of being a collaborative model where cooperation is key.

A project adapted to the current company, which represents an opportunity in the competitiveness of the region and which has a comprehensive approach, because it establishes a dialogue with all the agents committed to improving the Dual FP system. An education and training that align with the business reality.

For Jaime García-Calzada, president of the Federation of Companies of La Rioja (FER), this award is "a stimulus to continue leading a collaborative model that we share with the Administration, schools, teachers, tutors, students, companies and the Bankia Foundation for Dual Training".

The president considers that "for Rioja entrepreneurs and freelancers, for all the companies that are part of the Federation of Companies of La Rioja (FER), this prestigious award that the Alliance for Dual FP from the Berteslmann Foundation grants us is A very important recognition to the work we are developing since 2012 in the promotion of Dual FP in La Rioja, with the aim of improving the employability of students and meet, at the same time, the demands of companies and business sectors to the time to fill specialized and qualified positions that often do not find. "

The vice president of the Bertelsmann Foundation, Francisco Belil, has highlighted the commitment of the Foundation in giving visibility to the work developed by companies, organizations and educational centers "that promote this educational option so necessary to reduce youth unemployment." In particular, Belil has highlighted the high labor insertion of Dual FP, which in the case of some awarded projects reaches 100%. In addition, it has recognized the commitment of the Federation of Companies of La Rioja as a driving agent of Dual FP in the territory as it brings together more than 70 sectors through which it reaches 3,000 companies, and acts as a link with the schools.

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