Working women and businesswomen want to make their voice heard in the society of Soria. To amplify their concerns and ideas, the Federation of Sorian Business Organizations (FOES) and the Soriana Association of Women Entrepreneurs (ASOME) They begin a cycle of debates under the title 'Leadership in women'.

The opinions of women, considered by the organizers, are fundamental to gain greater visibility in a society in which they currently assume important positions and functions. Women are participants in all economic, social and cultural areas and women want to increase their voice in them.

The meetings 'Leadership in women' are intended to be a tool to position women in the society of Soria with their opinion as workers, professionals and / or businesswomen on current issues of general interest.

To premiere this Debate Forum, FOES and ASOME have resorted to the recently approved Royal Decree-Law 6/2019, of March 1, of urgent measures to guarantee equality of treatment and opportunities between women and men in employment and occupation, which has extended paternity leave to 8 weeks, which will be increased progressively until 16 weeks in 2021.

The measures, unpublished in Spain, that introduces the new norm will be shelled during this first meeting, organized under the title "Permits for the birth of children. From legality to practice ", will also serve to resolve doubts about it and discuss its usefulness and possible consequences.

The President of ASOME, Elena Molinero, and the General Director of FOES, Mª Ángeles Fernández, will welcome and participate actively in this Forum of Debate with the heads of the National Institute of Social Security (INSS) and the General Treasury of the Social Security and of the Employment Office of Soria that will analyze the new norm from the point of view of the Administration.

Together with them, entrepreneurs and managers of human resources of Soria companies of different sizes and sectors of activity participate, as well as female representatives of the academic world and of various professional groups of the province.

'Permits for the birth of children. From legality to practice 'will be the first of the lectures of the cycle' Leadership in Women ', which will premiere on Friday, June 7, at 9:00 am at the Alfonso VIII Hotel in Soria.

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