Distributed throughout the national territory, and coordinated by the General Commission of Scientific Police, the fire investigators of the National Police have the theoretical training and the necessary experience to investigate this type of events
During the past year 2019, 1,634 accidents of all kinds were investigated -from vehicle fires to large accidents in industrial warehouses or buildings- covering all possible sources of origin that divide them into provoked, negligent or accidental
The investigation of fires is approached in a multidisciplinary way, being fundamental the work of the Canine Guides and their DAF dogs (Accelerating Fire Detectors) in order to determine the source of origin, the use of drones in large-scale events or the increasing use of new technologies such as 360º and thermal cameras
Recently, specialists from the National Police have investigated the fires that occurred in an attic in the district of Hortaleza (Madrid), a shopping center in Estepona and a hotel in Marbella

Note: This press release has a related video.

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