A total of 11 women entrepreneurs make up the first Equality and Diversity Commission of CEOE-CEPYME, a body created to work in favor of equality in the company and enhance and make visible the contribution of women

Chaired by Montserrat Peña Marotías, member of the Executive Committee of CEOE-CEPYME and Gender Consultant, the Equality Commission is made up of Itxaso Saiz Herrero de Maderas Sainz, president of the Cantabrian Association of Wood and Furniture Trade and Acceptance Companies (Asociacion Cántabra de Empresarios Promotores y de Obra Civil), Paz Lasarte de Transportes Lasarte, Ane Epalza Communication Manager at Cola-Cola, Noelia Iglesias Prada, from Mercadona, Gema Coria Rios from Vega Pelayo, Rocio Vielva Ramos from Banco Santander, Maria Isabel Vega Villegas, from Marisma, Eva Guillermina Fernández from Alternative Ways, Maria Eugenia Cuenca from Grupo PITMA, and Eva Fernández, president of the Association of Businesswomen of Cantabria.

The new body held its first meeting last Tuesday with the participation of the CEOE-CEPYME Cantabria President, Enrique Conde.

For CEOE-CEPYME, this Commission is also a valid tool to educate, raise awareness and raise awareness on gender equality that is born to promote programs and own actions but also to collaborate from the company with initiatives of coinciding objectives.

Among its main objectives, to support validation and social recognition as entrepreneurs, professionals and managers, promoting the participation of women in positions of responsibility and in management positions of companies, since currently only 17.50% of the companies affiliated with CEOE CEPYME Cantabria has responsible women in their companies, wasting female talent.

The Commission will also be a channel for transmission of programs and projects of CEOE Spain and other entities that operate in the field of Women and develop specific programs such as the Women's Institute, the equality bodies of the community of Cantabria.

The members of this new body will work to break the gender stereotypes in the business world by promoting and visibilizing female leadership.

The Commission will also serve to create new networks of women entrepreneurs, managers, professionals and entrepreneurs within the CEOE-CEPYME Cantabria, to give visibility to different models of women and be a reference for future generations of girls who eradicate the head of the idea of ​​which entrepreneur or manager is a man and to recognize and promote female talent in equality to men.

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