The Spanish Federation of Food and Beverage Industries, FIAB, and the Federation of Associations of Celiacs of Spain, FACE, have signed a Collaboration agreement in order to promote the formation and exchange of knowledge between the business world of the food sector and the celiac collective.

The agreement, signed by the general director of FIAB, Mauricio García de Quevedo, and Jon Zabala Bezares, president of FACE, will allow the development of joint actions and the design of strategies on issues of disclosure, research and awareness.

"For the Spanish food and beverage industry, which works to make products adapted to their needs available to consumers, it is important to sign an agreement such as this and collaborate directly with the celiac community, almost half a million people in Spain, "said Mauricio García de Quevedo, CEO of FIAB.

For its part, the president of FACE, Jon Zabala Bezares, believes that "this type of agreement helps celiac people increasingly have more options without safe gluten and helps us create new ties with the food industry so that they are fully trained and informed of the needs of the collective. "

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