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NEWS | 09/02/2019

The two teams were exercised for the first time in the 2019/20 course.

The two fry of Real Madrid are now ready to start the 2019/20 course and carried out the first training of the preseason. The Alevín A, directed by Álvaro López, is mostly composed of players who ascend from the Alevín B. The second coach is Fernando Jimenez. The first fry will play for now six friendlies and two tournaments before the start of the League.

Children's Pre-season A:

Alevín A-Elite Talavera (September 7).
Alevín A-URJC Móstoles (September 14).
Fernández Trigo Memorial (September 14).
Alevín A-Leganés (September 18).
Pinares Cup tournament (September 21-22).
Alevín A– Rayo Vallecano Foundation (September 25).
Alevín A-Sporting of Madrid (September 28).
Alevín A-Rayo Majadahonda (October 2).

The Alevín B is directed by José Luis Pleite and has in its template the bulk of the Benjamin A from last season. Makel Lopez He is the second coach. The subsidiary will face five friendly and two tournaments before the start of the official competition.

Pre-season Alevín B:

Alevín B-Rayo Majadahonda (September 8).
Villanueva de la Serena tournament (September 14).
Fernández Trigo Memorial (September 14).
Alevín B-Leganés (September 18).
Alevín B-AFAM Jabalquinto (September 21).
Alevín B-URJC Móstoles (September 28).
Alevín B-Villa Rosa (October 2).

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