The General Director highlights that the SIGO-mobility application will allow the deployment of current capabilities in real time through mobile terminals, giving a better and more agile service to citizens

It is a project with the purpose of increasing the capabilities of the Integrated Operational Management System (SIGO) by being able to use it on mobile devices

The implementation of SIGO-mobility represents a great advance and modernization in the service provided by the units, especially those of citizen security

The Majadahonda Company has been chosen for this first pilot phase before extending it from citizen security units

The General Director of the Civil Guard, María Gámez, presented the SIGO-mobility project this morning at the Main Post of Las Rozas (Madrid).

This is a project in order to increase the capabilities of the Integrated Operational Management System (SIGO). For this, the Civil Guard has designed an application (SIGO-mobility) in order to be able to use SIGO on mobile devices and tablets, which will mean a great advance and modernization in the service provided by units, especially those of citizen security.

The Director General explained that this project means modernization and digitization, innovation and the future, and will undoubtedly facilitate the daily work that the men and women of the Civil Guard do, especially in Citizen Security, one of the aspects that are not most interesting and the more we care through our patrols.

The Majadahonda Company, María Gámez continued, has been chosen to put this Mobility pilot project into operation with the delivery of the first 20 tablets that will give autonomy, without dependence on third parties, to be able to access relevant information, that is , time is gained, agility is gained and calls to the Service Operational Center (COS) are cleared to request data that an agent needs at any given time.

This pilot project will help to verify the capabilities of the system and if its use is easy, and it will also gather the opinion of the users, all with the aim of correcting or perfecting the application, said the Director General.

In addition, it will also help reduce the time spent on bureaucratic tasks.In fact, when the project is fully concluded, it could save time of up to 2 million hours of agent services per year that can be used for other tasks, has added María Gámez.

The General Director has stated that since its creation in 2006, the Integrated System of Operational Management, Analysis and Citizen Security (SIGO), supports a large part of the daily activity of the Civil Guard Units and that the growth Throughout these years, the system has been constant, developing a significant number of functionalities, some of great importance, which have been essential for the different Corps Units to carry out their tasks.

What we do as of today, Gámez said, is to continue with the evolution of this tool that will allow us to deploy in real time the capabilities that we have achieved so far.

First capabilities implemented in the App

The first capabilities implemented in the App with the initial release release are:

  • Consultations of people and vehicles (requisitions in force, related to precautionary measures filed by a court related to gender violence, a restraining order, etc.).
  • Background check of both Civil Guard bases and the rest of the Police Corps).
  • Data from the General Directorate of Traffic (information about a vehicle and its owner)
  • Consultation of service orders
  • Other data of police interest (requisitions of people at the national and international level)

In later versions, some of them already in testing, improvements will be implemented both in those same queries and in access to new weapon bases, stolen objects, etc.

For subsequent phases, the possibility of generating administrative complaints in the devices and being able to send them to the receiving bodies of the Administration will be added.

The project has an initial development contract of 3 years for which some 3,000 expandable tablets will be acquired according to needs.

For more information, you can contact the Civil Guard Press Office on 915 146 010.


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