The general director meets with those responsible for the Civil Guard in Galicia

María Gámez has known first-hand, through her main commands, the structure, organization and problems of the Galicia Area

He has visited the Galicia Zone, the A Coruña and Lugo Commanderies, as well as the Galician Traffic Sector and the Palas do Rei Post

A decoration of the Order of Merit of the Civil Guard has also been imposed on Rolegio Santos Queiruga, a Galician fisherman for his contribution to the conservation of marine fauna and collaboration with the Corps

The general director of the Civil Guard, María Gámez, has held a working meeting with those responsible for the Civil Guard in the Galician Zone.

The Civil Guard commanders have explained to the general director the tasks they carry out in the Area and in the A Coruña and Lugo Commanderies, what their evolution has been in recent years, as well as their prospects and future plans. Gámez has also met with the commanders of the Galician Traffic Sector, and has visited the Palas do Rei Post.

The general director has held a meeting with staff from all the jobs whom she has congratulated for the work carried out, especially during this last year.

María Gámez has also interviewed some agents who have been hospitalized for Covid-19 and with whom she already had telephone contact during her illness.

Decoration to Rogelio Santos Queiruga

Rogelio Santos Queiruga has been decorated by the Civil Guard on the occasion of the anniversary of the Corps Foundation, he is a Galician fisherman who has become known thanks to the videos with which he teaches how to take care of marine fauna. These videos with which he is dedicated to raising public awareness about our natural heritage have become a viral phenomenon.
María Gámez stressed that Rogelio Queiruga and the Civil Guard share the same values ​​and commitment to caring for the environment and congratulated him for his work to raise awareness among the population. "You are an example that we can all do a lot from our environment for the care of the environment, something so important especially for our future generations."

The Civil Guard in Galicia

The Galician Civil Guard Zone is made up of four Comandancias -A Coruña, Lugo, Pontevedra and Ourense- that cover the security of 94.73% of the Galician territory, with a population of one and a half million inhabitants (56.11% ). Galicia currently has more than 5 thousand civil guards posted in this community.

The Galicia Zone, to serve its entire demarcation, has Citizen Security, Traffic, GRS, Information, Judicial Police, Air Service, Seprona, Weapons Intervention and Maritime Service units, among others.

On A coruña, the Civil Guard is organized into five companies, seven main posts, 40 ordinary posts and four auxiliary posts, which cover a total of 88 municipalities in the province.

The criminality data recorded must be understood in the context of the pandemic and the declared states of alarm. During this year, the Civil Guard has registered a decrease in A Coruña, especially in robberies with force in homes and establishments (212 less compared to the same period of 2019).

On Lugo, the Civil Guard has four companies, 46 ordinary posts and two auxiliary, which guarantee the security of a total of 64 Lugo municipalities. The crime data registered by the Civil Guard in this province are very similar to those of previous years.

For more information, you can contact the Civil Guard Press Office on 915 146 010.


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