The general director meets with those responsible for the Civil Guard in the province of Alicante

María Gámez has held a meeting with the commands of the Command and representatives of all scales

This afternoon he will give a lecture on "The challenge of the Civil Guard against Sexual Violence" at the Information Club

The general director of the Civil Guard, María Gámez, has held a working meeting with those responsible for the Alicante Corps Command.

The commanders of the Civil Guard have exposed to the general director the tasks that are carried out in the Command, how the current situation is, as well as the prospects and future plans.

María Gámez has held a meeting with civil guards who were hospitalized for covid-19 with whom the director was in contact during those hard times. Likewise, he has also talked with a representation of all the scales to which he has congratulated for their work that translates into good results from the point of view of reducing crime in our demarcation, as well as for the large number of aid provided to citizens especially during confinement.

The Director General has visited the headquarters of the command, the headquarters of the Traffic Subsector and the units that are in the Port (Maritime Service, GEAS and Usecic).

The Civil Guard in Alicante

The Civil Guard in the province of Alicante is responsible for the citizen security of 133 municipalities in the province, which represents 78.04% of the territory and 51% of the population. To carry out this task, it has more than 2,200 troops, of which almost 10% are women, a figure above the national average.

Likewise, it has a total of 44 barracks (5 companies, 19 main posts and 20 ordinary posts).

This Command has different specialties to serve its entire demarcation such as Citizen Security, Judicial Police, SEPRONA, Traffic, among others.

So far this year, the crime rate has dropped by 16% compared to the same period last year. Likewise, almost 4,000 arrests or investigations have been carried out, mainly for crimes against property (almost 36%), against people (about 6%), against collective security (almost 5%) and against freedom and indemnity sexual (about 4%). On the other hand, thefts in agricultural and livestock farms have decreased by 23% so far this year.

Relevant operations

During this year, different investigations have been carried out, among which the BAREFEET operation stands out, in which 5 people were arrested for committing 95 crimes against property.

In operation CHARTER19, 5 members of a network dedicated to drug trafficking were arrested after boarding the recreational boat they used with more than 2,300 kilos of hashish.

Likewise, the agents, within the framework of the BONAPLANTA operation, detained 5 people as alleged perpetrators of the crimes of drug trafficking and fraud of electricity. 771 plants, 13.5 kilos of buds and almost 16,000 euros in cash were intervened.

For more information, you can contact the Civil Guard Press Office at 915.146.010.


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