The General Directorate for Equal Treatment and Diversity of the Equality Secretariat of the State has announced its participation in the commemoration of the National LGBTI Pride Day, through the celebration of the International Meeting on LGBTI Equality, Pride .

This meeting will focus on reflection on how to make real and effective the right to equal treatment and opportunities and non-discrimination in different areas of life, which will take place on July 4 at the Secretariat of Equality ( attached program of the Day).

The Ministry of the Presidency, Relations with Courts and Equality, through the General Directorate for Equality of Treatment and Diversity and the Secretary of State for Equality, collaborates in this way with Madrid Summit 19 understanding it as a space for reflection, meeting and vindication of the rights of LGBTI people.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots, a founding event in the political struggle for the rights of LGBTI people. From this perspective, the General Directorate for Equality of Treatment and Diversity dedicates a space to the reflection of how the Pride of the different parts of Spain can give continuity to a struggle that today more than ever is still very much alive and which pays homage to the pioneering people in the fight for these rights, to the recognition of that historical memory.

Likewise, the General Directorate for Equality of Treatment and Diversity has promoted the twinning of Stonewall with our Passage Begoña de Torremolinos, as nuclei of historical claim of LGBTI rights. The twinning will be effective in the act to be held in the framework of the events for the 50th anniversary of Stonewall (link to commemorative video: ).

The General Director for Equality of Treatment and Diversity, Ignacio Sola, stressed that "this is the year of the elderly without lockers and we want to talk about the specific needs of LGBTI elders, their families and the resources they should to be able to access in conditions of equality without affecting their privacy and own image, about the situation of LGBTI people in rural areas, about affective life and sexual health, about what is needed to guarantee the integrity and own disposition of the body of each one of the people, at the same time taking care of their health and the health of the society as a whole ".

Sola also stressed that the day is presented as "a great opportunity to reflect on what is the situation of LGBTI youth, assess the evolution of their situation in relation to these elders that should be benchmarks for them and deepen the idea of ​​pacts intergenerational against discrimination, as a way to promote the reinforcement of normative frameworks and public policies that result in the protection of the exercise of their rights without discrimination ".

The Secretariat of State is already adorned with the colors of the rainbow flag.

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