The plenary session of the Transport and Logistics Council of the CEOE was held under the presidency of Rafael Barbadillo and with the intervention of the Secretary General for Transport, María José Rallo. The general secretary has presented the guidelines of the mobility strategy, as well as the preparatory work for the Preliminary draft of the Law on sustainable mobility and transport financing of the government. In his speech, he highlighted the paradigm shift from a policy of provision of infrastructures to mobility policies. To this end, it has indicated that it is working on a Mobility Strategy, based on the fact that this is a right and an element of social cohesion and economic growth. "The citizen must be at the center of the decisions made on mobility, in order to solve real problems", he explained.

Rallo has indicated that this Mobility Strategy, safe, sustainable and connected, includes 40 lines of action and 150 measures, with a ten-year vision, although the objective is to implement the bulk of the measures in three years and carry out an evaluation of the impact of the same according to the evolution of the situation.

An essential instrument for the implementation of the Mobility Strategy will be the future Sustainable Mobility and Transportation Financing Law, whose public consultation is open until October 30 of this year and where it is expected to collect the criteria and contributions of the citizenship and the sectors concerned. Along these lines, the general secretary has encouraged the sector organizations represented in the Transport and Logistics Council to participate in the work of preparing the Draft Law, with the contribution of concrete proposals.

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