November 15, 2020

For more than a year that the Municipal Group VOX The Burriana City Council informed the Government team of a section of the Legislation of Ports of the Generalitat Valenciana in which the abandonment of the functions of the GVA and the flagrant breach of the same for years in terms of the maintenance of the Port was evident of Burriana.

Said regulation obliges the GVA to invest 40% of the income obtained from port taxes in the maintenance of the facilities.

"The mayor admitted, without any kind of blush, that they were unaware of the aforementioned regulations, IN THE HANDS OF WHO WE ARE! She thanked the collaboration and summoned the opposition to a meeting that she never convened with the General Directorate of Ports of the GVA. ”, They affirm from the GM VOX

Meanwhile VOX Burriana, in the different plenary sessions, has not stopped insisting on this question, without obtaining an answer.

However, they studied the issue and drew up a proposal valued at € 1,750,000, taking into account that according to the aforementioned standard and only accounting for the 2014-2018 period, the GVA owes our port about € 2,890,000.

The question is: How has the GVA spent what it has not invested in the port of Burriana?

A few days ago the GVA Budgets for 2021 were known and for Burriana there is only planned an investment of just over € 100,000 for works in the port. "A real shame. ”, As they qualify it from VOX

In the last plenary session VOX he insisted again.

A couple of days ago the City Council published in the press that the Mayor and some members of the government team had, at last, and the photo that is not missing, held the famous meeting with the new general director of ports of the GVA, and they announced to Hype and saucer that this next year they are going to draft the project for the much-needed improvements of our port, and be able to tender in 2022. "Hopefully, we wait." They say in VOX.

They also wait on VOX That they diligently study the optimal solution, although they know that municipal studies take forever, arrive late and badly, as in the case of aid for the self-employed and merchants.

"In VOX We do not seek to pat on the back or appear in the press photos of the "regime", but we do want our work in the Magnificent to reach all Burrians even though this government team so lacking in ideas is noted as of empathy with its citizens. ”, comment Juan Canós and Jesús Albiol, councilors of VOX.

As an example it says:

.- Postponement of payment of fees and taxes due to COVID 19.

.- Cleaning the riverbed.

.- Repair of the Serratella pumping station after two years out of service.

.- Permanent catwalk in Las Terrazas (they say they will tender it in 2021)

.- Construction of the Archimedean screws in Serratella (by 2021)

.- Control of the cemetery works with considerable savings.

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