The VOX councilor at the Fuengirola City Council (Malaga), Antonio Luna, has presented a series of measures to mitigate the impact of the Coronavirus crisis, which "is already affecting and will affect the economy of Fuengirola to a greater extent, especially the self-employed, SMEs and families." These are 14 measures ranging from hospitality, to local commerce, hygiene in the streets of the municipality and organization to avoid contagion among the population of the municipality.

The objective of the Municipal Group VOX is to contribute to "alleviate this deep crisis". To do this, "we will support and contribute all those measures that are aimed at guaranteeing the health, safety, employment, and the family and business economy of Fuengirola". In addition, Luna has guaranteed that this training will ensure that "not a single euro is spent for other purposes than to curb the impact of the crisis caused by the Coronavirus."

As explained by the councilman, families suffer a particularly complex situation because many members of the same family unit "will lose their jobs, either because their income will be radically reduced, due to the direct fault of the health crisis, or as a consequence of the declaration of the alarm state ”.

For this reason, the Municipal VOX Group in Fuengirola has presented the following measures:

  1. Extend the terrace space temporarily and without surcharge to the maximum admissible limits for pedestrian circulation. This authorization should be valid for as long as gauging restrictions or distances between tables are applied to the terraces of the municipality.

2. Temporarily apply Article 122.1 of the Traffic Regulation to the entire urban center of Fuengirola, and make it known to the residents, avoiding as far as possible the front crossings with other pedestrians, thus minimizing the risks of aspiration of infectious particles. .

3.- Establish an internal protocol for the use of Local Police vehicles and other municipal services, so that, to the extent of the fleet's possibilities, it is always occupied by the same driver, partner, or team. .

4.- Increase the Municipal Employment Plan, Emple @ net, doubling the staff of beach guards, for capacity control, ordinances, social distancing measures or others that are applicable for this summer season, so that They only ensure compliance with regulations, but provide a sense of security and confidence to users.

5.- Promote through the Municipal Press Office the national diffusion of all those news that are oriented to transmit guarantees of Safety, Health, and Well-being in Fuengirola. It is about guiding the publication of this good news, segmenting the audience to those provinces of potential visitors, for example, Córdoba or Madrid.

6.- Creation of a home pick-up and delivery service from the municipal employment plan, which serves to provide logistics infrastructure and free for all businesses attached to the Municipal Ecommerce of Online Sales, which could also serve as support to Local Associations in the delivery of meals to the elderly and people in a social emergency situation.

7.- Modify the Municipal Ordinance on Citizen Coexistence, so that it includes the prohibition of buying or demanding illegal products and services on public roads, and their dissemination through warning campaigns about their illegality directed at consumers.

It is a proposal that this Municipal Group presented in December, and that it is essential to approve because the current measures of social distancing and the extreme vigilance of safety and hygiene in the sale and acquisition of products and services require a greater effort to be made in The fight against these illegal activities, which endanger the survival of retail businesses, invade pedestrian transit areas causing crowds, and pose a risk to public health due to their lack of quality and hygiene controls.

8.- Strengthen the home help service in coordination with Social Services personnel, so that the specific needs of the concessionaire company can be met in the most urgent cases and in order to avoid going out to the streets of people with qualifications vulnerable or at risk regarding Coronavirus.

9.- Increase from 15% to 50% the current IBI Subsidy for pensioners who do not exceed the Minimum Interprofessional Salary in the total annual income computation that results from the sum of all the cohabitants.

10.- Modify the criteria for awarding the 50% IBI Subsidy to large Families, so that the admitted limit of the cadastral value of the home is increased, and a second access route is contemplated through the calculation of income by family unit.

11.- Temporarily relax the administrative obligations that suppose to the shops or hospitality establishments any reform or installation that reverts to an expense added to their already reduced economic situation, as long as they are not essential reforms that cannot be postponed.

12.- Hold meetings with representatives of the self-employed, SMEs, hoteliers, merchants, and street vendors of Fuengirola in order to channel their concerns, proposals and demands in the current crisis.

13.- Offer the street vendors a second weekly market day in the fairgrounds during the time that the restrictions of seats and capacity are in force, giving all of them the possibility of setting up their stall once a week.

14.- When conditions allow, celebrate an act in honor of all the victims of this tragedy and in recognition of those who are fighting to fight it. Assess the possibility of building a monument or in homage to all of them.

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