Murcia, July 27, 2020.- In the ordinary session of the Plenary Committee of Infrastructures, Finance, Economic Management and General Affairs of the city of Murcia, the initial approval of change in the selection of the ORA by management has been carried out direct from Urbamusa.

"The GM VOX has been asked as an indispensable requirement to vote in favor of the change in management of the regulated parking service on the surface of urban public roads in Murcia, the ORA," he said. José Ángel Antelo, spokesperson for the GM VOX at the Murcia city hall, and added: "It is a decisive commitment by the government team that the change in such management implies a substantial benefit to all residents of the municipality and visitors who choose to use this service."

After committing to this request, VOX has voted in favor of such change in the ORA. According the mayor Inmaculada Ortega, "The priority of this party is that the residents also enjoy a significant and important reduction in the pricing that it reports."

If this agreement is fulfilled, VOX Murcia will make a favorable vote again in the next plenary session on July 30.

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