The councilor of the Municipal Group of VOX Rincón de la Victoria, José Rodríguez, has today registered an urgent Motion to the Plenary of the City Council in which he requests that the Reactive Plan Rincón be reviewed, since, as he explains, it is “generic, little or nothing specifically and extraordinarily ambiguous in some very important points ”.

In his writing, Rodríguez regrets that the announced plans "do not obey any technical plan that justifies the budgetary items that they are intended to provide and do not include the time of their application", which can generate uncertainty, especially for merchants in the municipality. In this sense, the councilor warns: "If the mayor wants the support of VOX, let him think first of the neighbors, of the merchants and businessmen, who will be the ones to get us out of this crisis."

Rodríguez regrets that the only VOX measure incorporated – suppression of taxes and fees – has been cut and that the measures requested by the municipality's businessmen have not been taken into account. Thus, the document is mainly nourished by generic measures provided in the extraordinary plenary request by the PSOE, IU and PODEMOS. In addition, some of the measures are already mandatory, so they are not new and "have little or nothing to do with fighting the effects of the pandemic."

In councilor breaks down the points of the document.

Plan Grows: The councilor asks for clarification of what works and plans will be undertaken as a priority, and to point out that those that appear were already included in the Edusi program. Regarding streamlining administrative procedures, again, Rodríguez highlights that the City Council was already obliged to have implemented the virtual office, digital certificate, so it is an obligation of the local Administration that is not new.

Program by your side: The name “Basic Social Income” continues to be used, which implies that it is subsidies, when it is a social contracting program by the City Council. Rodríguez recommends carrying out a pilot experience with companies in the municipality to carry out contracts.

In addition, the councilor asks what are the resources for the Plan to reinforce the third sector, if the total of the program is 600,000 euros, with 300,000 euros in social aid in the Socio-labor Insertion Plan of "Basic Income". Rodríguez also requests to specify what associations, groups and NGOs are, and to determine criteria.

Single destination program: At this point, the councilor asks that it be clarified if the new supervision device with 10 troops will be made up of Local Police, Civil Protection members or other types of troops.

Regarding the "Home Concert Plan" requests that it be specified whether it will be carried out through the

of the City Council, where a platform will be created or carried out through an application. Also ask that the price be stated. At this point, the councilman denounces that there is nothing specified, in addition to being a "rather vague idea for the economic reactivation", since, he explains, the tourist revitalization must be for the attraction of visitors.

Program takes off: At this point, IBI / IAE aid to SMEs and the self-employed with compensatory measures in 2021 is indicated, however, the councilor asks: What are those compensatory measures for next year? What will the current IBI be paid next year as employers demand?

The document insists, explains the councilor, on online training programs for jobseekers in fairly "old-fashioned" subjects and recalls that job training is a regional competence.

Tuning Program: At this point, the councilman denounces that it is not clear how far they will reach the 300,000 euros assigned, since, with the “Plan back to work” and the Plan Reinforcement cleaning and employment, they would absorb most of this budget.

On the other hand, the “Campaign for prevention, awareness and Awareness”, the “Specific campaign for animals” and the “You do Corner program” are carried out applying municipal ordinances and laws with more sanctioning actions by the Local Police and should already be applied.

Live program: At this point, the councilor considers it necessary to prioritize aid to athletes and federated clubs that continue in official competitions, since most of the competitions will not be possible, and this amount could be used in more necessary and urgent matters that alleviate the situation. Township.

"Plan Ondas": Rodríguez requests "realism" to assume the low audience of this municipal Radio that consumes resources that would be more useful in other areas of Communication. Therefore, it proposes to study the viability of the medium.

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