The councilor of the Municipal Group VOX in Torremolinos, Antonio Sevilla, has registered a series of questions to the mayor of the Municipality (PSOE), José Ortiz, to clarify, among other things, if he shares the statements made by the Minister of Consumer Affairs, Alberto Garzón, in which he affirmed that National tourism is "seasonal, precarious and of low added value".

The councilor recalls in his letter that Torremolinos is the leading destination for ‘Sol y Playa’ in the entire province, which in 2019 received 1,034,576 tourists, 8% of the province. An achievement, explains the councilor, which has been achieved with the work of the sector year after year.

Seville regrets in its letter that the Minister of Consumer disparages the "work of many residents of Torremolinos and a large part of the population of the province of Malaga." "Condemns many professionals, freelancers, small and medium-sized companies to ruin," denounces the councilor.

For this reason, Seville has also asked the mayor of Torremolinos if he is going to ask the Torremolinos City Council, one of the leading tourism municipalities in Spain, for explanations to Minister Garzón for his statements; if the municipal government team agrees that it is not time for tourists to book vacations in Torremolinos; and if you are going to make, as mayor, an institutional declaration to generate confidence in the jobs related to tourism in the city.

On the other hand, the councilor has also registered a Motion in the City Council with the aim of neutralizing the economic impact that the crisis is causing on tourism.

In his motion, he proposed two points:

one.- Carry out a 2020 Torremolinos Reopening Plan:

– Member members: representatives of vital professionals in the sector, AEHCOS, AEDAV, SKAL and independent hotels. (VOX Torremolinos also has consultants, tourism and healthcare experts).

– Control of the requirements given by the WHO.

– Review and monitoring of actions and measures in other destinations.

– Review and follow-up of the measures adopted by other countries affected by the virus.

– Determine measures and action protocols (adaptation of the ICTE).

– Presentation of the Plan in the Tourism Forum of the City Council where the other sectors intervene and contribute.

2.- Urgent implementation of the 2020 Torremolinos Reopening Plan:

– Training of the sectors involved, both the administration and companies.

– Direct application in each sector, accommodation, restaurants, shops, leisure, etc.

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