The councilor of the Municipal Group VOX Torremolinos, Antonio Sevilla, has registered an Emergency Motion for the Plenary in which he requests that the Consistory cancel the idea, which I present in public in January of this year, of putting a blue payment area in tourist areas .

In the Motion, the councilor also proposes that the Aladdin Parking in "La Carihuela" be opened and offered for free or at a symbolic price by tourists during this summer season. "These are small details of Torremolinos with its visitors and a way to revitalize our unique industry, giving life to bars, restaurants, shops and hotels, and to increase the competitiveness of our municipality," explains Seville.

In his letter, the councilor refers to a study carried out in April by the Castroconsulting consultancy, which indicates that 41.5% of those surveyed maintain the intention of spending the summer this year. National tourists who are going to visit Torremolinos have considerably changed their means of transport to get around. Thus, 77% will reach the municipality by car.

In his letter, the councilor warns that the city is "in time" to save the season. “We are not referring to tourism companies being able to make a profit this season, but rather to earning a minimum income to meet production costs and some fixed expenses from each company.

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